New Plastic bag/recycled Pattern finds

Recycled Sling Bag

Recycled Sling Bag

Crocheted Plastic Wristlet Bag

Crocheted Plastic Wristlet Bag

Plastic Bag Basket

Crocheted Plastic Bag Hat
Crocheted Plastic Bag Hat

Cassette Tape Barbie Doll Halter Dress

Vcr Video Tape Motif Bag


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Patti-Girl Newest member of the family.

After losing Joy it just left to big of an empty spot.

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Latest project

oh guys hold on to your chairs LOL

I actually did a doily in thread!

I hate working in thread as it really makes my hands cramp.
but i rearranged furniture and put a glass top table in the livingroom and it just screamed i need a pretty doily oin me 😛

The pattern is from annies FREE pattern of the day.


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New Pattern finds

Baby Layette Set

Crochet Baby Blanket (matches layette)
Baby Layette SetBaby Layette Set
Baby BlanketBaby Layette Set

Kwik Yoked Baby Sweater
Kwik Yoked Baby SweaterKwik Yoked Baby Sweater

One-Nighter House-Shoes
Abi’s Slippers
One-Nighter House-ShoesAbi's Slippers

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NEW Pattern-Triumph Square or Blanket

Triumph Square or Blanket

NEW Pattern-Triumph Square or Blanket

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NEW Craft Friendly Online market places

Blue Jay 100% Free Online Market Place
Blue Jay

CRB Auction
CRB Auction
No Listing FEES Super Low 3% fee on sold auctions ONLY!
$2.00 signup bonus to use towards listing fees.

CRBAuction is owned by my business partner and myself it is primarily PTR Related
but I have added a craft/crochet section.
If that area gets active I can always ad subcategories to it 😉
The auction itself is heavily advertised.

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Tip:A better way to begin crochet in the round

Magic adj ring
The Magic Adjustable Ring is the perfect solution!
Great pictorial and instructions.

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Unusual New Afghan Pattern

Granny Loves Ripples Crochet Baby Blanket
Granny Loves Ripples Crochet Baby Blanket-

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FreePattern Projects I Love but….

FreePattern Projects I Love but….you know the type ones you drool over.
ones i’d love to own finished product just not sure if i wanna tackle the project myself LOL
These are my maybe someday WIM’s

Kittie In the Boot
Kittie In the Boot

Kittie on the jar
Kittie on the jar

Chaco – the parrot puppet

Ok this one I actually Purchased the pattern for. But it may be more than i can tackle myself 😦
lots of assembly required and with my carpel tunnell I cant hand sew much at all 😦
Anyone wanna make chaco for me??? LOL
Trade the pattern for finished product maybe? 😉

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Have you seen my baby dog?

Thursday my elderly poodle went out to potty and never came home.
She usually never goes futher than corner of neighbors yard. But its possible she followed my big dog futher away.
I have searched high and low and posted flyers, put ad in paper called shelters everything i can think of to no avail.
I am a disabled person on oxygen and am battling cancer among many other health issues. Joy is like my child and I have been beside myself with greif and barely able to function since she got gone. It is to the point of making me really sick.

she is not at all aggressive and very friendly even to strangers and
I suspect that someone may have picked her up thinking she was lost. If anyone has seen her or know anyone that may have her please please contact me ASAP. I’m afraid that whoever has her may get attached and not want to give her up if she is gone for to long.

I have posted flyers, called shelters, knocked on doors, posted ads in new paper and iwanna.
I even have a pet detective giving me advice on ways to try and find her.


name Joy
wearing collar with alexander co rabies tag.
silver with some chocolate mixed in esp on the rear half.
overweight toy approx 10#
spayed female with multiple cancer macetomies and she currently has another cancerous tumor that was scheduled for surgery soon. she also has catryacts on one eye pretty heavy.
Now dont let this fool you she has lots of life left in her.
She usually goes where i go unless its to hot or cold and she is glued to my hip or side when i am home.

last seen around noon thursday 4/26/2007
location Taylorsville, NC
close to hwy 16 and millersville road intersection.

please email if you have any info.
I cant really afford much but if she is returned safe and sound i can try and scrape up a reward..




Several people have asked for news on Joy.
July 2007: Unfortunately Joy is still missing.
At this point i highly doubt she will return.
Due to more recent events I am convinced she was stolen.
I can only hope that whoever has her has fallen in love with her and is taking care of her.
I will always remember her and miss her.


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Recycling Plastic Bags, ect…

I have alot of these recycle bag links saved but have yet to make one :>)


Crochet a Recycled Clothes Pin Bag

Crochet a Recycled Clothes Pin Bag

Recycled Baby Bib
Recycled Baby Bib

Cassette Tape Evening Bag
Cassette Tape Evening Bag

Tote Plastic Bags ( BEACH BAG )

Round Plastic Bag Tote

Beck’s Eco-Tote


Plastic Bag Tote

Plastic Bag Bag

Plastic Bag Handbag

Recycled VHS Tape into a Sling Bag

Plastic Bag Basket

Recycled Plastic Tote Bag

Plastic Bag Crochet

Crocheted Beach Bag:

Earth Day Mug Rug and Place Mat by Lili Pintea-Reed (scroll down page for

How To Crochet A Basic Oval Shape and Oval Rag Rug Pattern:

Crocheted grocery bag shoes! (Now with an attempt at a tute!) :

Crochet a Recycled Handbag from Plastic Grocery Bags

Recycled Hook Case

Crocheted Plastic Eco Tote

Crochet a Star from Plastic Bags

Recycled Plastic Grocery Tote Bag

Lots of Patterns and Tips on recycled bags projects here:

Crocheted Market Bag
from Recycled Plastic Grocery Bags

Crocheted Market  Bag

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My Crochet Exchanges:

May 2007 Partner= Kathy S mailed 5/30/2007
June 2007 -no partner
July 2007 Partner= Shannon
Aug 2007 -no exchange listed
Oct 2007 Partner= Cathy mailed 10/29/2007

CTFX (fridgies)
May 2007 Partner=Judy mailed 5/30/2007
June 2007 -no exchange listed
July 2007 -no exchange listed
Aug 2007 -no exchange listed

March 2007 partner= Heidi-Completed Exc
April 2007-No partners
May 2007 Partner= Pam mailed 5/30/2007
June 2007 partner= Cindy mailed 6/18/2007
July 2007 partner= Carm
Aug 2007 -no exchange listed
Oct 2007 Partner= Pam mailed 10/29/2007


2007 March partner-Maggie A.-Completed Exc
2007 April partner-Beth A.- puffy mailed 4/30

May Partner= BarbaraK
mailed 5/30/2007 returned to sender REMAILED 6/18/2007
July 2007 partner= Micki (Wyetta) M.
Aug 2007 partner=Lelah H mailed 8/30/2007
Sept 2007 partner=Eileen K DUE 10/17 Mailed 10/2 Rec 10/18
Oct 2007 Partner= ?no exchange database?
Nov 2007 Partner=Muriel

AtMyHouse Exchanges:
AtMyHouse PetX
Aug 2007 partner=Billie mailed 8/15/2007 REC 8/30/2007
Sept 2007 Pet Exc. partner=Carrie Lynne
kitties only Mailed 10/2 Rec 10/8

Nov 2007 Pet Exc. partner=NONE
PetX-dog clothes small/med

Nov 2007 Granny Square partner=Jan mailed 11/14 rec 11/?? COMPLETED


2007 Christmas Exchange-Stocking partner=Shari due 12/3


Our Special Christmas Exchange

You will crochet, buy, knit, sew, or whatever a stocking no bigger than 8 1/4 inch tall, a pic will follow.
You can put candy, a small surprise, patterns, an ornament, or whatever in the stocking.

The stocking has to be mailed out by Dec 3rd. Now it must be in the mail NO LATER THAN Dec 3

CraftersInTheAttic SecretPal
2007 April-Partner (Linda Lee) puffy mailed 4/30


CrochetersAttic Mothers Day Exc
2007 May Partner=LindaLee

2007 March CTPotholderX-SENT-Heidi

March 2007-CTPotHolderX-Rec-Heidi

2007-March CTDishclothX-REC-MaggieA

2007 April CTDishclothX SENT-Beth A.

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Tip:Keeping track of row 1 or RightSide of work.

Tip:Keeping track of row 1 or RightSide of work.

For right handed crocheters. the Row1 or often called rightside of your work in progress will always be easy to keep track of if you leave a tail hanging when you start your begining chain. This way the tail will always be hanging from your left hand side when you are working on the begining or rightside of the project. If the tail is hanging from your rigth hand side then you are working on and looking at the wrongside 😉

example of working on rightside

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New Toy For Carla

I was looking for tunsinian hooks on ebay and stumbled upon this beauty!
It was not what i was shopping for but I just could not resist this darling hook.
I even emailed the seller to tell her how muuch the presentation impressed me the cloth she put the hook on really makes it stand out and matches so well too!

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Joy’s Feeling Frisky today

I took my toy poodle Joy to groomer today shes all prettied up and feels cooler without her winter coat. she so cute when she came home with her pink nails, pink bows and easter egg and chick pattern bandana on but the bows she ditches real fast LOL I took a pic hope it comes out good… Jasper is a camera hog he wont get out of the picture LOL

Joy & Jasper
Finally a solo shot

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Treasure found!

I had to run to Lenoir a neighboring town today to pick up a part for my car…
One the way i realized i could use a screwdriver to put the part in and didnt have one in car.
So I stopped in at dollar tree to grab one….
I walked in the door and right there sat a buggy full of yarn.
They had alot of the fancy stringy stuff that ive yet to find a need for.
But burried in the middle I struck gold!
I found a bunch of skiens of Lion Boucle in various colors.
there was only 2 solids and the rest varigated.
Not sure how much this yar retails for but i’m sure its more than $1 a skein LOL
I grabbed all of the ones they had.
Then when i was in Lenoir i thought ok lets check their dollar tree…
I struck gold AGAIN!

Heres what all i carried home…

Lion Boucle
Blueberry 1sk
Rose 5sk
Parfait (varigated) 2sk
Tutti Frutti (varigated) 2sk
Lime blue (varigated) 7sk
Popsicle (varigated) 10sk
Total 27 skeins $27.00 +tax

Now I need to find some patterns for that pretty fluffy yarn!

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Tip: Easy no slip slippers

Neat Trick

Kris Frye
Tip Source Here:

I was reading through an old magazine and came across the neatest trick for crocheted slippers. Have you ever noticed how you seem to slip and slide across the floor, even if you use rug yarn? Next time cut a few rubber bands and weave them through the stitches–instant nonslip! And when the rubber bands wear out, just pull them out (carefully) and replace them.

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Tip: Tension to tight?

A simple solution

Kris Frye
Tip Source Here:

Tension has been a hot topic on the boards lately, so I thought I’d share a tip I found. If you find that your chains and slip stitches always seem to be too tight and your projects end up lopsided, try using a hook one size larger than the pattern calls for when you work just those stitches. Switch back to the smaller hook when you start working into your chain and you should be just about right!

And always remember: check your gauge!

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Tip: working 2 strands same color

Mar. 1, 2007
Working From Both Ends

Brenda Stratton
Tip Source Here:

Have you ever needed to use two strands of the same color of yarn but only had one skein? It has happened to me. I don’t like to roll off little balls of yarn when I need to double-strand something, so I work from both ends of the skein of yarn. I remove the skein band, and then locate the end that pulls from the middle and the end that is usually hidden by the skein band and unwraps from the outside. Admittedly, you have to be careful when pulling the yarn out to work with it, but if you hold the skein in your hand and smooth the strands as you work, it does not tangle.

One of the benefits of using both ends of the yarn is that one strand of color does not run out before the other one. You’re also not left with a partial skein and a separate ball that you then have to tie back together at some point.

Give it a try!

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Peppermint CD Hotpad

Peppermint HotPad (CD)
I made this to match my coasters.

a great use for all those cds that aol ect… like to send you LOL
Peppermint CD HotPad:

Crochet hook size G
small amount of varigated red/white ww cotton yarn.

*Begining row chain 3 counts as 1st double crochet*
Chain 6 Slip Stitch to form a ring.
Chain 3, DC in same stitch *2 DC in next chain stitch repeat around* join in top of chain 3.
Chain 3, DC in same stitch *2 DC in each chain stitch repeat around* join in top of chain 3.
Chain 3, 2 DC in next stitch *DC in next stitch, 2 DC in next stitch repeat around* join in top of chain 3.
Chain 3, DC in next stitch, 2 DC in next stitch, *DC in next 2 stitches, 2 DC in next stitch repeat around* join in top of chain 3.
Lay pieces wrong side together.
Join using a SC in each stitch
(at half way point insert cd in middle of 2 pieces continue closing with SC) join w/ slip stitch. do not tie off
*Chain3, SC in next stitch* repeat around end with Chain 3 Join w/ slip stitch.
Tie off, weave ends.

**Patten Copyright 2007 Miss_Kitty1965**
you are free to copy or distribute this pattern.
Please leve copyright intact
You may sell created items but not the pattern itself!

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