My Crochet Exchanges:

April 22, 2007 misskitty1965

May 2007 Partner= Kathy S mailed 5/30/2007
June 2007 -no partner
July 2007 Partner= Shannon
Aug 2007 -no exchange listed
Oct 2007 Partner= Cathy mailed 10/29/2007

CTFX (fridgies)
May 2007 Partner=Judy mailed 5/30/2007
June 2007 -no exchange listed
July 2007 -no exchange listed
Aug 2007 -no exchange listed

March 2007 partner= Heidi-Completed Exc
April 2007-No partners
May 2007 Partner= Pam mailed 5/30/2007
June 2007 partner= Cindy mailed 6/18/2007
July 2007 partner= Carm
Aug 2007 -no exchange listed
Oct 2007 Partner= Pam mailed 10/29/2007


2007 March partner-Maggie A.-Completed Exc
2007 April partner-Beth A.- puffy mailed 4/30

May Partner= BarbaraK
mailed 5/30/2007 returned to sender REMAILED 6/18/2007
July 2007 partner= Micki (Wyetta) M.
Aug 2007 partner=Lelah H mailed 8/30/2007
Sept 2007 partner=Eileen K DUE 10/17 Mailed 10/2 Rec 10/18
Oct 2007 Partner= ?no exchange database?
Nov 2007 Partner=Muriel

AtMyHouse Exchanges:
AtMyHouse PetX
Aug 2007 partner=Billie mailed 8/15/2007 REC 8/30/2007
Sept 2007 Pet Exc. partner=Carrie Lynne
kitties only Mailed 10/2 Rec 10/8

Nov 2007 Pet Exc. partner=NONE
PetX-dog clothes small/med

Nov 2007 Granny Square partner=Jan mailed 11/14 rec 11/?? COMPLETED


2007 Christmas Exchange-Stocking partner=Shari due 12/3


Our Special Christmas Exchange

You will crochet, buy, knit, sew, or whatever a stocking no bigger than 8 1/4 inch tall, a pic will follow.
You can put candy, a small surprise, patterns, an ornament, or whatever in the stocking.

The stocking has to be mailed out by Dec 3rd. Now it must be in the mail NO LATER THAN Dec 3

CraftersInTheAttic SecretPal
2007 April-Partner (Linda Lee) puffy mailed 4/30


CrochetersAttic Mothers Day Exc
2007 May Partner=LindaLee

2007 March CTPotholderX-SENT-Heidi

March 2007-CTPotHolderX-Rec-Heidi

2007-March CTDishclothX-REC-MaggieA

2007 April CTDishclothX SENT-Beth A.

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