Treasure found!

March 19, 2007 misskitty1965

I had to run to Lenoir a neighboring town today to pick up a part for my car…
One the way i realized i could use a screwdriver to put the part in and didnt have one in car.
So I stopped in at dollar tree to grab one….
I walked in the door and right there sat a buggy full of yarn.
They had alot of the fancy stringy stuff that ive yet to find a need for.
But burried in the middle I struck gold!
I found a bunch of skiens of Lion Boucle in various colors.
there was only 2 solids and the rest varigated.
Not sure how much this yar retails for but i’m sure its more than $1 a skein LOL
I grabbed all of the ones they had.
Then when i was in Lenoir i thought ok lets check their dollar tree…
I struck gold AGAIN!

Heres what all i carried home…

Lion Boucle
Blueberry 1sk
Rose 5sk
Parfait (varigated) 2sk
Tutti Frutti (varigated) 2sk
Lime blue (varigated) 7sk
Popsicle (varigated) 10sk
Total 27 skeins $27.00 +tax

Now I need to find some patterns for that pretty fluffy yarn!

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